How to succeed when running a small business with your spouse

For some it provides added advantage, but for others it can have disastrous consequences. So, what’s the key to success when you run a small business with your husband or wife? More >>


John and Julie Marsden Melwood BeerShould you base your business on something you love?

Some do it because they dream of fame and fortune, but others start their own business so they can do something they’re truly passionate about. More >>


HD and me head shot webMeet the mums who are setting up their own businesses

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Doug-R-Color-61961_100How much luck do you need in business?

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Domestic bliss

20140615_140317(0)How starting their own home-based business has enabled three owners to generate income while enjoying a far greater presence in their children’s lives. More >>

 Parental advice

Marcie 2What’s the key to combining looking after your children with running your own business during the summer holidays? Three experts share their advice. More >>



Are you a terrible boss?

Are you a terrible bossYou might have been lucky enough to work for a good boss and know what a difference that made. Alternatively, you might have worked for someone who drained all of your goodwill and enthusiasm and made you dread your job. So what do employers do to be regarded as bad bosses? More >>


How to deal with workplace ego clashes

Workplace ego clashesWhen egos clash in the workplace, owners and managers cannot afford to do nothing, because the business is likely to be the ultimate loser. So what is the best way to sort out such problems and why do they happen in the first place? More >>


Are you too smart or too scruffy at work?

Too scruffy for work featureNot too long ago, turning up to work in many UK offices wearing jeans would have been unacceptable, stubble and unkempt hair, similarly so. But things have changed – for men and women. Have we all become scruffier at work and does it matter anyway? More >>


michelle_mone022(resized)cropped_0Do women need to ‘act like men’ to succeed in business?

If TV shows such as The Apprentice are to be believed, the way to succeed in business is to ‘act like a man’, but does this simply fuel a long outmoded myth? We ask award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Mone, Karen Gill of membership organisation everywoman and leading enterprise academic Professor Susan Marlow. More >>

Can you be too bossy in business?

Being too bossy featureFew of us like to be called ‘bossy’, a term that is usually applied negatively to women. But why can being a bossy boss be bad for your business? More >>



James Caan-37_100x150James Caan: Getting down to business

Entrepreneur, investor and TV personality James Caan is fronting The Business Class, a new seven-part TV series. Before the first episode of the show airs on CNBC in the UK this week, he speaks exclusively about its ‘mission’ and the task ahead for businesses. More >>


Wendy_WhiteThe Website Pioneer

Some call her the UK’s first lady of technology. She’s also CEO and co-founder of Moonfruit, which helps those with limited knowledge to create professional websites. Millions of sites have been created using Moonfruit’s software. But as Wendy Tan-White explains, sometimes you’ve got to fail to succeed. More >>


RobandPaulFlipFlopThe Flip Flop Philanthropist

Rob Forkan has already been on an incredible journey. With brother Paul he runs Gandys, which uses some of its profits to help orphans in India – just one reason why this fast-growing flip-flop brand continues to win admirers. A survivor of the 2004 Tsunami that claimed his parents’ lives, Rob’s amazing story proves that some good can come out of the most terrible tragedy. More >>


LINGThe Publicity Queen

If she ever tires of running her successful Gateshead-based vehicle rental business LINGsCARS, Ling Valentine could earn a fortune by teaching others how to promote their businesses. More >>