Business doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many interesting ideas and people to write about…


I’ve been writing features for almost 25 years and I’ve produced a huge volume of content aimed at start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. I’m known for coming up with imaginative ideas, getting the tone and scope right and creating engaging content that offers genuine value to readers. Here are some examples of my feature work…

How much luck do you need in business?

Doug_Richard_2760902bExclusive comment from leading entrepreneurs James Caan, Levi Roots, Will King and Doug Richard on the importance of luck in business. READ MORE

Are you a terrible boss?

You might have been lucky enough to work for a good boss and know what a difference that made. Alternatively, you might have worked for a terrible boss, someone who drained all your goodwill and enthusiasm and made you dread work. So which type are you? READ MORE

Are you too smart or too scruffy at work?

too-scruffy-for-work-feature-e1406306863144Not too long ago, turning up to work at UK offices wearing jeans would have been unacceptable; stubble similarly so. But things have changed – for men and women. Have we all become scruffier at work and does it matter anyway? READ MORE

How to deal with workplace ego clashes

workplace-ego-clashesWhen egos clash in the workplace, owners and managers cannot afford to do nothing, because the business will be the ultimate loser. So what is the best way to sort out such problems and why do they happen in the first place? READ MORE

Do women need to ‘act like men’ to succeed in business?

(C)2009 DAN KENNEDY. PLEASE CREDIT: PICTURE DAN KENNEDYIf TV shows such as The Apprentice are to be believed, the way to succeed in business is to ‘act like a man’, but does this fuel a long-outmoded myth? We ask award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Mone, Karen Gill of membership organisation everywoman and leading enterprise academic Professor Susan Marlow. READ MORE

Can you be too bossy in business?

being-too-bossy-featureFew of us like to be called ‘bossy’, a term that is usually applied negatively to women. But why can being a bossy boss be bad for your business? READ MORE


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