It’s the people who run businesses that often make it so interesting. Some owners really are fascinating…


What journey have they been on and why do they run their own business? The answers to such key questions can reveal much. Over many years I’ve interviewed thousands of small-business owners. What have I’ve learned? That no two are the same and most have an interesting story to tell…

The Flip Flop Philanthropist

Rob and Paul_ Forkan 3 copyRob Forkan has already been on an incredible journey. With brother Paul he runs Gandys, which uses some of its profits to help orphans in India – just one reason why this fast-growing flip-flop brand continues to win admirers. A survivor of the 2004 Tsunami that claimed his parents’ lives, Rob’s amazing story proves that some good can come out of the most terrible tragedy. READ MORE

The Website Pioneer

wendy-tan-white copySome call her the UK’s first lady of technology. She’s also CEO and co-founder of Moonfruit, which helps those with limited knowledge to create professional websites. Millions of sites have been created using Moonfruit’s software. But as Wendy Tan-White explains, sometimes you’ve got to fail to succeed. READ MORE

The Organic Pioneer

Riverford-founder-Guy-WatsonThere can’t be many businessmen who describe themselves as a “left-leaning anarchist”, but being different partly explains why Guy Watson, founder of award-winning Riverford Organic, has been so successful. READ MORE

The Restaurant Owner

enzo_baldascino-e1403862646626It would be difficult to meet anyone more passionate about food than Enzo Baldascino, owner of the King William IV Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Surrey. But passion will only get you so far. Keeping a restaurant afloat during the recession has taken a huge amount of courage, determination and graft. READ MORE


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