I didn’t set out to become an SME content expert…


But I’ve become one after writing about small businesses for about 15 years. I’ve produced a vast amount of content intended to help small-business owners to become more successful. Because I’m in tune with their needs, I write about things that matter to them, in words they can relate to.


I’ve interviewed thousands of small-business owners, as well as the professionals who advise them. And whether the issue has related to marketing, finance, tax, selling overseas, HR, employment law, health and safety or other subjects, I’ve never failed to generate creative ideas and highly engaging, value-rich content.

I’ve never failed to generate creative ideas and highly engaging, value-rich content

My work has featured in the online and offline publications of leading corporate, government, trade and membership organisations. I’ve planned, edited and written groundbreaking how-to business publications for government departments that have been distributed in huge quantities.

As well as contributing to The Guardian Small Business Network, some years ago I planned and wrote Start Up Donut, a pioneering website packed with real-world advice for new businesses and would-be entrepreneurs.

Donut-Brochure-A5-(Microsoft)-xps-v6-1I continue to work on special projects for Start Up Donut, with content sponsored by the likes of Microsoft, Sage, TNT and the Federation of Small Businesses. Working for Atom Content Marketing, I also edit HSBC’s small-business website. I’ve been writing for the bank’s small-business websites and emails since 2005.

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