I’m a contributor to the Small Business Network pages of The Guardian website

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I started writing for The Guardian in 2013. I’ve generated ideas and written on a wide range of topics, featuring exclusive comment from small-business owners and professional advisers. Examples of my feature work for The Guardian include…


claire & andy outside chococo winchesterHow to run a small business with your spouse 

For some it provides added advantage, for others it can have disastrous consequences. So, what’s the key to success when running a business with your husband or wife? READ MORE

IMG_2262Should you base your business on something you love?

Some do it because they dream of fame and fortune, but others start their own business so they can do something they’re truly passionate about. READ MORE

Phillip-Crilly-600The challenges of being a ‘five-to-niner’

Many home-based small businesses start as spare-time projects for full-time employees who want to make extra money or turn their hobby into a cash-spinner. READ MORE

Cara SayerMeet the mums who are setting up their own businesses

Why are women with babies and young children taking on the added responsibility of running their own business? READ MORE

Sue Tumelty copyHow to manage maternity leave in your business
As long as you plan ahead and it is well managed, maternity leave need not be a problem for your business. READ MORE


20140615_140317(0)Domestic bliss

How starting their own home-based business has enabled three owners to see much more of their children. READ MORE

IMG_9224Parental advice

What’s the key to combining looking after your children with running your own small business during the summer holidays? READ MORE

Nic Brown Shed bizWhy a shed can be an ideal place to start a business
Sheds are not just for gardening equipment. Meet the entrepreneurs who are setting up in their back gardens. READ MORE



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